Monster Muscle Stack 2.0

Monster Muscle Stack 2.0

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A Full Month's Supply of Monster Mix, Creatine Tri-Phase, Adaptophen & C9-T11!

Have you noticed most people at the gym look almost exactly the same month after month, year after year? Maybe that's you? What's the point of investing all that time and effort if you're never going anywhere ... if you're never getting results? That's where proper, powerful post-workout nutrition comes in. It's like pouring gasoline on a spark (your workout). Without the gasoline, the spark just fizzles out like a cheap sparkler and you keep spinning your wheels going nowhere.

That's where our university-tested Monster Muscle-Building Stack 2.0 comes in. It was specifically engineered to be the perfect post-workout muscle-growth/recovery system with the express purpose of FUELING MASSIVE GAINS.

Unlike other so-called muscle-building supplement bundles that use cheap, ineffective ingredients manufactured overseas (China) and contain just a "dusting" of supposed "active" ingredients, each of the supplements in our Monster Muscle-Building Stack is Made in the USA in FDA-compliant Good Manufacturing Practices facilities subject to regular oversight. What's more, each is fortified with the same dosages used in clinical research trials. So you actually get results, not empty promises.

So just what is the Monster Muscle-Building Stack 2.0? It's a complete 30-Day Post-Workout Supplementation System based on research-proven principles which produce phenomenal gains in muscle size and strength, as well as significant and rapid depletion of bodyfat. Top bodybuilders and elite-level athletes use it regularly to speed muscle size and strength.

2 Tubs of Monster Mix: Monster Mix is a powerful, all-in-one whey protein formula designed to drive muscle growth, strength and recovery. The new and improved formula is fortified with 17 tested muscle-building agents, including micro-filtered Whey Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine, Tongkat Ali, ZMA, Tribulus Terrestris, Elk Antler Powder, 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone, Rhodiola Rosea, EFAs, BCAAs and more! To top it all off, Monster Mix is now fortified with the patented, new proprietary enzyme ProHydrolase®, which studies show predigests protein so that amino acid levels in the bloodstream are up to 5 times higher leading to 3 TIMES more protein absorption to your muscles.

1 Bottle (30-Day Supply) of Creatine Tri-Phase: Why is Creatine Tri-Phase so much more potent than regular creatine? Because two additional compounds have been added to it. Researchers from the University of Missouri (Columbia) and the University of Colorado (Boulder) discovered that adding just the right amounts of Creatine Phosphate and Creatine Pyruvate to Creatine Monohydrate would TRIPLE the effects.

The results you'll get from using Creatine Tri-Phase along with your workouts will amaze you — the size, strength, "cuts," and vascularity will be nothing short of shocking. And the results will happen fast. Very fast. Just creatine monohydrate alone takes 7-10 days to kick in. Creatine Tri-Phase "kicks in" in as little as 3 days.

1 Bottle (30-Day Supply) of C9-T11 Anti-Catabolic Muscle Growth Complex: Why is so difficult to pack on lean muscle mass without drugs? The primary reason is when you train intensely enough to stimulate growth, you’re also saturating your system with CORTISOL. Cortisol is an overpowering catabolic hormone — it actually prevents rapid growth from happening after you train. It makes the gains from intense workouts few and far between. C9-T11 suppresses cortisol, disarming the catabolic bomb and supercharging the anabolic, hypertrophic response mechanisms. C9-T11 enables you to break through old genetic-cortisol limitations and unleash your mass potential.

1 Bottle (30-Day Supply) of Adaptophen: New scientific research shows Adaptophen can help you naturally boost Free "T" levels through its key ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia: A medicinal plant commonly referred to as Tongkat Ali. In a recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, men supplementing with the same amount of Tongkat Ali included in Adaptophen experienced a 37% increase in free T levels in just 28 days. But it doesn't end there. Adaptophen also includes Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, Elk Antler Velvet, 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy Isolfavone, and ZMA. Each has a profound effect on T levels.Taken together, they have a profound, synergistic effect.

How do I use it?

Simply take 2 scoops of Monster Mix All-In-One Lean Muscle Protein immediately following your workout, along with 3 tablets Creatine Tri-Phase, 2 capsules of C9-T11 Anti-Catabolic Muscle-Growth Complex and 1 capsule of Adaptophen Testosterone Amplifier. Each stack contains a complete 30-day supply.

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What's your return policy?

Now here's a deal you simply can't refuse. We're so confident this stack will help you gain energy, fuel performance and make greater gains in muscle size and strength faster than you've ever experienced with anything else that we're putting our money where our mouth is. We're giving you a 60-day no-risk opportunity to "test drive" it and then judge for yourself how much better you look and feel. If you're not thrilled with your results, you'll receive a complete refund of your purchase price.

How do I know you're not another fly-by-night company here today, gone tomorrow?

Good question! Here's the link to our verified Facebook Page. As you can see, we've been in business since 2008, have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and have over 25,000 people who follow our page. You can also see on our page that Facebook as verified our business as "Very Responsive" to customer messages. We also plainly list our contact information and phone number: (800) 719-7062. Fly-by-night "scammer" companies don't have this level of transparency. Rest assured, we are for real and are here to stay.

Monster Muscle Stack 2.0

The Ultimate Muscle Growth Stystem

FACT: The most potent stimulators of fat-free muscle mass are zero-calorie molecules with direct or indirect actions. That's how PEDs works. Many of these compounds are effective even on very low-calorie diets. However, side effects and legal concerns prevent many individuals from taking these compounds, leaving a gap in the search for a true lean-mass promoter.

The Monster Muscle Stack 2.0 was designed to fill this gap without filling fat stores and offers an advanced, all-in-one university-tested system that supports lean body mass in weight-training athletes.

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prohydrolase Powered
55 times more amino acid uptake

The Monster Muscle Building Stack 2.0 included 2 tubs of Monster Mix Fortified Whey Protein, which is powered with the patented, new digestive enzyme matrix ProHydrolase®, which:

  • Helps pre-digest protein so that amino acid levels in the bloodstream are up to 55 times higher compared to regular whey.
  • Can increase muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth) by 70%.
  • Can decrease muscle breakdown by 58%.
Unlock Insane Gains
Gain 5 TIMES More Muscle

A 12-week third-party research study conducted at a leading university with 22 untrained subjects divided into three groups, and published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, showed test subjects consuming the collective key compounds found in the Monster Muscle System 2.0 gained 7.12 pounds of muscle while subjects using a placebo gained only 1.30 pounds. Test subjects in the same study also significantly increased their one-rep max (1RM) leg press strength versus placebo (375 lbs. vs.
193 lbs).



"Getting close to my third week on the Monster Muscle Stack. Absolutely amazed at the fat burned, toned, chiseled effect and girth that is starting. My biceps look like they are two times wider than they were before I started. I'm very pleased so far. It shed absolutely all my water weight in a matter of about a week and a half. Along with some hard work and heavy lifting, I can see in six months I'll be ready Schwarzenegger hahaha. All in all great product. But you have to work
hard to gain."

Steve Heartwell
Columbia, SC

"The Monster Muscle Stack has given me significant gains over the last 3 months. I would recommend this stack to anyone. I have pictures of myself from 3 months ago until just last week. My gains have been significant. Using this system has taken my gains off the charts."

Larry Alvarez
West Palm Beach, FL

"In the first month using this stack, I've
already gained 10 pounds of lean muscle. I can tell it's all muscle because I've actually lost 2 sizes from my waist, going from size 36 to 34. I'm really happy with my results and just ordered another 30-day supply."

Lance Burrow
Denver, CO

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